The GIBNIK business and products portfolio are continuously expanded offering new opportunities to interested Distributors, Investors, and young Scientist and Technologies.

The current Scientific and Technical team lead by Dr. Josep M. Gibert has a long and outstanding track record of innovations derived from their scientific and technical curriculums: These are some of the most significant in the fiels related to the core business of GIBNIK:

The Scientific and Corporate Development Department of GIBNIK Analytical Solutions, currently in charge of Dr. Josep M. Gibert, invites you to submit all your request in any of the below. Just please open any of the below sections to contact us by filling the short questionaires.

1. We welcome Distributors to new markets and New Application Niches. Please click here to submit your applications to handle:
a. specific products and/or GIBNIK turn-key solutions to particular market segments, and/or
b. improve territorial coverage for the vast range of GIBNIK manufactured and distributed equipment and solution packages, on particular Country or Territory.

2. If you are interested in investing on New R&D Projects click here. Some projects are being developed by GIBNIK’s own funds, and we might be looking to shorten the “time to market”, while other, more ambitious, might require third party financing. Therefore we are looking at both.

3. Encompassing with the above and upon new funding being available we are prepared to offer to new graduates career opportunities and tailor made specialization in accordance to mutual interests, finally

4. GIBNIK has unique capabilities to Exhaustively Test and Quality Control, in advanced ways, many bioactive constituents of natural and transformed products. This is prompting development of Added Value Foods, Flavors and Natural Products, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods. Click here if you wish us to evaluate your products, or here if you want to check our current products offering on the above thoroughly tested, based on the Unique Gibnik Technologies and the unique acknowledge of key and unique products mostly manufactured by our own customers worldwide.

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