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Starting the relationship develop by members of our staff in 1982 with Vacuum Generators, VG,. over the years gained in specialization after being appointed exclusive distributors for Spain, Portugal and some other markets of several well known companies (EHV, Alcatel-Addixen, Plasma Technologies, OIPT, etc).

The following are the current products in our portfolio that include new agreements with leading manufacturers:

Oil Mist Trap [TM/TMX Series]

When an oil rotary pump is started at atmospheric pressure, and operated during low vacuum operation, the pump oil is exhausted along with the exhaust gas that is pumped out.
The TM and TMX series oil mist traps help to ensure a clean working environment and protect indoor equipment fromcontamination that would otherwise be caused by this oil mist.

Oil Mist Trap TM series

Compact Process Gas Monitor [Qulee CGM Series]

“Qulee” (pronounced as “KLEE”), is ULVAC’s latest model for residual gas analysis and gas monitoring during process.
Feedback from facility engineers in various production lines are incorporated in the new product design offering utmost simplicity.
The Qulee offers high accuracy and resolution even at high pressure (1Pa or less).

Process Gas Monitor Qulee CGM

G-TRAN Series Multi Ionization Gauge [SH2-1/SH2-2]

ULVAC, Inc. has developed and commercialized the G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge" (patent pending). A transducer type that can connect gauge heads with different measurement ranges. The newly developed G-TRAN Series "Multi ionization Gauge" has advantages such as wide range measurement, lower running cost and low environmental burden.


                                        Multi Ionization Gauge SH2                                Multi Ionization Gauge SH2.1                                  Multi Ionization Gauge SH2.2

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