Multidimensional Systems

Multidimensional Systems

Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS is a new technology that complements advantageously all other particularly in determination of organics in complex matrix.
The heart of the systems is the patented HPLC-GC coupling interface depicted below: Download Catalog



The systems allow the yuse of any GC detectors and suitable MS. Therefore GIBNIK offers two types of systems the GIBNIK K2 HPLC+GC and the GIBNIK Q12 HPLC+GC-MS.
Other accessories and options available include:

  1. On-line, sequential,  HPLC Multi-Fraction Analyzer: Designed to optimise HPLC separations in view of sample complexity. It allows to analyse each optimised fraction of interest in sequence.
  2. On-line Derivatization System:   This accessory allows to use any reagent and solvent mix to obtain any desired on-line derivative of any compound or compound grouping. This facilitates increasing volatility of High MW substances not amenable to be analysed by GC, as well as to increase specifity and/or detection limits by the use of a wide range of special reagents capable of tagging molecules for their specific and unequivocal analysis.
  3. Absolute and Universal Quantitation that eliminates the use of reference standards.

GYBNIK policy is to deliver all these Multidimensional Systems only as “Turn-Key-Tailor Made Analysers”. Occasionally a prior feasibility study is required. Please contact us so we can discuss in depth your problem(s)(need(s) and and provide you an specific quote.

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