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The GIBNIK scope of supply is not only limited to provide the best products for every particular requirement, technical services and a few applications development. A complete integral analytical solutions and services are provided by GIBNIK Analytical Solutions through four different departments:

1) GIBNIK-SAS. Specialised Analytical Services
Analysis of any environmental, food, petrochemical or chemical samples:

• Contaminated land, soils and water
• Semivolatile organics, dioxins and furans
• Pesticides, herbicides and insecticides
• Volatile organics, BTX, oils, etc
• Gas Analysis
• Petrochemicals. TOGA, RGA, NGA
• Instrument Calibration
• Method Validation

2) GIBNIK-SAIT. Specialised Analytical Instruments Training
This programme is intended to complement other training programmes, tailoring the same to each particular customer background, profile, experience and current needs.

3) GIBNIK-PROJECTS. Turn-key analytical (R+D+I) Solutions
The scope of supply of this section runs from Turn-key design and execution of complete laboratories, including civil engineering, mainly focussed in developing countries.

4) GIBNIK-AER. Analytical Equipment Renting
This unique and innovative service offers renting of equipment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with or without specialised application chemists from our own staff. We can assist in the use of the equipment, or method development, customer staff training, etc.

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