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Liquid Chromatography


GIBNIK offers a full range of inert Ion Chromatography modules, components and subsystems (pump, ion suppression, special columns and mobile phases, as well as conductivity, electrochemical detectors, and other...)  optimised as Anion and or Cation dedicated Ion Chromatography Analyzers. Please inquire about the latest developments made for target anions and cations of your interest. Download Catalog


This detector has continuously variable wavelength in the range of 190 600 nm and noise level is ± 3•10-6 AU. The unit may be used for analytical applications as well as for preparative/flash chromatography, according to the selected cell. 

It is easy to operate; light intensities for reference and sample channels are available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours. The detector performs automatic wavelength calibration after the lamp has been switched on. High standard deuterium lamp in a special socket enables easy exchange. 

Output signal is available in both digital and analogue form. Detector could be controlled, programmed and used together with KONIKROM PLUS software via RS232 or Ethernet interface. Cell



It is suited for handling liquids in GIBNIK HPLC gradient systems. It accommodates a tray for solvent bottles built-in high-efficiency on line degasser and four way gradient valve.
Degasser unique design assures reliable operation and the highest level of continuous performance available without the need for helium degassing. Up to four solvent lines may be degassed simultaneously by one unit. One additional channel is reserved for degassing of gradient valve output. The extremely low internal volume of each Teflon AF® channel (480 μl) offers very fast equilibration and very short startup times compared with PTFE degassing channels which have the same degassing efficiency. 
Four way gradient valve is controlled from the KONIK 580 PUMP . Pump new sophisticated electronics allows achieving precise low pressure gradient, i.e. gradual changes of mobile phase composition by mixing up to four liquids at the pump’s entry.KONIK 580 SOLVENT MANAGER

It is also possible to predefine the percentage of composition when using the pump in isocratic mode. The gradient profile can be defined through the computer. Up to 6 mobile phase reservoirs may be located in the



This pump works as isocratic pump and together with the GIBNIK 580 SOLVENT MANAGER also as quaternary gradient pump.
GIBNIK 580 SOLVENT MANAGER is equipped with four way gradient mixing valve and degasser and is ordered separately.
With a flow rate of 0.01 10.00 ml/min. and a pressure limit at 40 MPa is this pump suited for analytical applications in liquid chromatography. It is designed with main and auxiliary pump heads connected in series with a piston diameter of 1/8”. 
New sophisticated unit allows achieving a precise low pressure gradient, i.e. gradual changes of solvent composition by mixing up to four liquids at the pump’s entry. It is also possible to predefine percentage of composition when using the pump in isocratic mode. The gradient profile can be defined from a computer. There are many improvements which make pump more reliable, safe and precise. Also maintenance is now easier. E.g. pistons exchange is easier because of new construction; new learning algorithm for pulsation suppression; leakage sensor etc. KONIK 580 PUMP
When necessary, it is possible to use back washing of pistons (e.g. when using buffered mobile


GIBNIK 580 COLUMN OVEN with heating & cooling capability

The peltier heating/cooling column oven with a big compartment room can accommodate up to 3 columns with a length up to 25 cm.
Unit is controlled by keypad, RS232 or Ethernet(LAN) interface. Precise temperature control enhances separation and reproducibilit and improves the quality of analysis. KONIK 580 OVEN
Usage of peltier technology offers the possibility of heating and cooling, providing complete independence from the room temperature.

With its built-in leak alarm it is a safe, accurate and flexible choice.
Device is supported by KONIKROM PLUS software.